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NewMouldings will be my go to vendor

Just a few comments on my order. First of all the material was milled phenomenally. No nick or no tear out on any piece. They needed a little sanding to remove some "fuzz" before finishing, but that was to be expected. Secondly I have seen glass orders come less protected than your molding order did. There is virtually no way there could be any damage to the molding. Kudos to your entire crew. It shows that they are very dedicated to delivering a quality product.
        We do a lot of trim work, and for larger jobs it's easier to just get them locally, as I usually have  a bit of lead time to get all the material milled, and I always need longer lengths then 8'. But from now on, New Molding will be my go to vendor for items I need to get delivered in a relatively short time that I can get away with 8 footers. Thank for helping out on this job for us.
Bill K

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Glenn Borghoff

Glenn Borghoff

May 24, 2018

Thanks so much for the GREAT service. The base caps arrived within a few days and my project is completed. Terrific customer service, Thanks again.

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