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January 27, 2017

Can I get mouldings longer than 8 feet?

No. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality product to our customers. That gets to be extremely hard when bringing in hard wood lumber longer than 8 feet. It tends to be very knotty and often cracked. We deal strictly in 8 foot lengths to guarantee the highest quality possible.

Are your mouldings prefinished?

All our mouldings come as raw unfinished solid hardwood. When you receive them they are ready to be finished, we just recommend a light sanding with some high grit sandpaper to remove any blemishes that may have occurred during the shipping process.

What wood species do you offer?

We deal exclusively in 5 solid hardwood species which are Cherry, Hard Maple, Poplar, Red Oak, and Ribbon Sapele Mahogany.

I don't see the moulding I'm trying to match, will you make it custom?

We offer close to 200 different styles in our 5 hardwood species. We only deal in what you see on the website.

If you cut the moulding in half will it make the shipping less?

Our flat rate shipping cost of $30 is an average of what it costs us to ship mouldings throughout the United States. Shorter boxes still fall under UPS's large package surcharge so we stick to everything leaves here as an 8 footer.

When will my order ship?

Almost all orders placed before 2:00 pm EST M-F will ship that same day. 

How do you protect my product to insure it gets to me safely?

All mouldings are first shrink wrapped to insure there is no movement inside the box. They are then wrapped completely around in bubble wrap. Next we custom bend 250 pound crush rated cardboard to the specific size of what will be shipped. Lastly the box is taped closed with nylon reinforced tape to make sure it doesn't rip open during transit. 

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